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Bracing and splinting is often used in the acute stage post injury to provide protection during initial healing stages.
Bracing can also be used in sub acute or chronic situations to prevent harmful movements and help provide extra support.
Our treatment philosophy at Dynamic Physio is that the best way to support and stabilize the body is to maximize the body’s natural internal neuro muscular stability mechanisms. It is only when these internal mechanisms are deficient that we suggest external bracing.

Dynamic is fortunate to have unique relationship with Donjoy Canada, one of the industry leaders in bracing and orthopedic devices. This relationship gives us access to their extensive quality bracing options and their advice.

While we only carry some of the most commonly used braces and splints in stock, we are able to quickly order in any brace you required through our supplier.

Custom Knee Bracing

Custom knee bracing is especially useful for clients who want to return to competitive or high levels of function following a structural injury or post stabilization surgery. At Dynamic, our physiotherapists are specially trained in identifying clients who may benefit from custom bracing, and have the training equipment to measure and custom fit these braces.   Most custom braces require a physician referral and are covered by many extended health insurance plans.

Compression Stockings

Compression socks can be used to aid the circulation in the lower leg, helping push blood back up towards the heart. This can reduce soreness in the legs, perhaps aid in surgical recovery, but most importantly reduce the risk of blood clots (DVT). Other indications may be air travel, varicose veins, jobs with prolonged sitting or standing.

Although the evidence for improved performance and recovery for athletes using compression socks is only anecdotal at this point, many who use them feel there are benefits in terms of improved performance and aiding recovery.


We now have custom fit memory foam pillows from Pillowise.  This product and fitting system was developed by a physiotherapist from the Netherlands. It’s unique features other than custom fitting, are that they are cut from foam, instead of moulded which allows better temperature control and breathability.  They have a 30 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty.

Home Exercise / Therapy Equipment

At Dynamic Physiotherapy we believe that exercise is main factor in your recovery and wellness.  We understand that not all clients have access to a fitness facility or home gym / exercise equipment.  In these situations we can provide clients with affordable equipment that allow continuation of activity both during and after rehabilitation is completed.

Examples of equipment available are:

  • exercise stability balls
  • resistance band sets
  • ankle weights
  • foam rollers
  • shoulder pulley systems
  • home traction units
  • any specialized therapy device or exercise equipment can easily be ordered in.

Taping Supplies

At Dynamic Physiotherapy we stock numerous varieties of tape that we regularly use for providing support for various conditions. On occasion our therapists may instruct clients or their caregivers on basic taping techniques. All of our tape varieties are available for purchase by our clients provided they have been instructed in its proper use.

TENS Units

TENS machines are electrical stimulation devices that can be used for muscle relaxation and pain control. We can supply TENS units for purchase for our clients provided that they have been assessed, screened and instructed in their proper usage.