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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a profession that aims to help and empower people of all ages affected by injury, illness or disability with the goal of helping them obtain optimal level of health, function and performance. Our goal is to find the root causes of movement problems, not merely treat symptoms. We do not just accept clients with injury or pain, but also often see clients interested in improving their fitness levels, preventing injury, or enhancing their movement performance.

Do I need to have a doctor’s referral to attend?

No, it is not required. We are required to share our findings with your family doctor, so results of your assessment will be sent to your Dr following your initial visit. We will also provide them with progress and discharge updates. We will contact your doctor if we require any test results or documentation.

Your private insurance may require a doctor’s referral in order for your fees to be covered, so you should check your policy, or ask our reception staff, who are quite knowledgeable about most insurance providers.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, we operate by appointment only. Appointments can be booked in person at any of our clinic locations, by phone through our reception (204-725-2098) or directly online through our patient portal, accessible through our website. (www.dynamicphysio.net)

What can I expect at the initial assessment?

Upon arrival at our clinic, we will gather any personal and insurance information required for correspondence and billing from you. You will then be taken to a treatment room to meet your physiotherapist who will take a detailed history of your problem, perform a full musculoskeletal assessment, discuss any findings and together with you, develop a treatment plan.   A treatment will be included in the initial visit. Upon completion we expect payment and follow up visits will be scheduled.  Expect your initial assessment to take from 60-90 mins depending on the nature of your injury/problem.

What does a physiotherapy treatment entail and how do follow up visits differ from the initial visit?

A typical follow up treatment includes a brief re-assessment by the physio, sometimes modalities (heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulators, etc), always some form of therapeutic movement and exercise, hands-on manual therapy techniques, education, motivation techniques and advice. Follow up treatments are very similar to the initial, but require less information gathering and are usually shorter in duration (normally 40-60 mins).

How many treatments will I need?

Following your assessment, the therapist will propose a treatment plan. If you have any funding concerns, please inform the therapist so that this can be taken into consideration.

What kinds of coverage are available to cover physiotherapy fees?

All of our therapeutic services are provided by physiotherapists licensed through the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba, or Registered Massage Therapists registered with MTAM. As such, our services are covered by any insurance plans that offer physiotherapy and massage therapy benefits. Although our system can track your coverage, we recommend you check with your insurance provider and monitor the amount of and frequency of coverage you are entitled to per calendar year. It is helpful if you share this information with your therapist to ensure we design treatment plans that are sensitive to the amount of coverage you have. Our private physiotherapy services are NOT covered by Manitoba Health, social assistance, status or any other public funding.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept:  Cash,  Cheque, Interac, Visa, MasterCard

Do you offer direct billing?

Yes !  Our goal is to make payment for our services as hassle free for you as possible, so we direct bill most insurance providers.  If you provide our reception staff with your insurance information upon initial booking they will look into your coverage details bill direct when possible.  Our system is able to track your coverage, which allows us to notify you when you are close to running out.  If we are not able to direct bill, you will need to pay at the completion of each visit and submit your receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Presently we offer direct billing for the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross

How do I get coverage if my injury occurred at work?

Once you have filled out a Workers Compensation Board incident report with your employer, you will need to be assigned a WCB claim number. (You can get this by calling 1-800-362-3340 from 8am – 7pm). We require this claim number prior to your first visit, which will be automatically covered by WCB. Claim approval is required from WCB before any further treatment is provided.  If your claim is approved, you are automatically covered for up to 21 treatments which includes your initial assessment. If you require more than this, we will submit a request for additional funding, which is subject to WCB approval. If your claim is denied, WCB will cover only the initial assessment and the remaining visits will be up to you to pay for or provide us with your insurance information to get covered.

How do I arrange coverage if my injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident?

Contact MPI to report a Bodily Injury Claim and you will receive a claim number. (note: this will be different  from your Vehicle Claim Number) Have this claim number available when you book your physiotherapy appointment.

I’ve decided I want to try physiotherapy. What should I bring?

  • Your insurance policy/contract/ID numbers
  • Your Manitoba Health number (6 digits)
  • WCB or MPI claim number.
  • Shorts, tank tops, and gowns are available – if you prefer, bring your own.