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This field of physiotherapy focuses on muscles, ligaments, bones and nerves of the pelvis to help people of all ages and genders to regain optimal function. We currently offer pelvic floor physiotherapy for women who experience bladder dysfunction including: incontinence, frequency, urgency, overactive bladder syndrome, pelvic organ prolapse or incomplete emptying.


What to expect at your appointment:

  • At your initial one- hour appointment, you and your therapist will have a conversation about your pelvic floor, the concerns or issues you may have, and how they are affecting your daily life.
  • After your therapist gains an understanding of your concerns, she will do an external exam. This will involve evaluating your posture, breathing, and the movement and strength of your hips, back and/or pelvis.
  • Your therapist may decide it would be beneficial to perform an internal exam. During the internal examination, your therapist will assess the strength, tone and mobility of the muscles, fascia, skin and organs of the pelvic floor.
  • After the exam you and your therapist will develop a treatment plan and goals to work towards. Treatment may include education, exercise and/or manual techniques. Follow-up appointments are generally 30 minutes long.
  • All assessments and treatments take place in a private room to ensure comfort and confidentiality. The assessments and treatments are not painful and aim to re-educate the pelvic floor to its fullest function. Thus, allowing you to resume the activities you enjoy!